Part-time or even full-time fun work helping basketball players get better…

You don’t have to be a famous coach or a local star to do this.

I was only a third-team “All County” Player my senior year in high school, and I didn’t even play college ball, unless you count intramurals.

So don’t worry that you have to be a big hotshot “somebody” in your area.

You do have to know the game, though. The kids are looking up to you to teach them, and the parents are willing to pay you, so you have to know the skills and be able to teach them.

If you are famous in your area, that’s even better. I’ve seen where top coaches and ex-players can get big bucks for lessons.

But all you really need is knowledge of the game and a system for marketing and doing your lessons.

You can do general skills development, or specialize in one aspect of the game.

Printed Book…..$10

PDF file…..$10

NOTE: This book is now part of the Basketball Training Business Package.  To find out more, please go here:

The Basketball Training Business Package

Your Shortcut To Getting Started Quickly

If you are serious about doing something fun and rewarding like this, and you are ready to get going now, I’ve put together everything you need to get started – including an everything-you-need-to-know Business Guide, an easy-to-follow system for doing lessons that you can copy for yourself, and a collection of ads and marketing materials (that I’ve tested and used) that you can use to get customers.

This is stuff I wish I had when I started doing lessons. Now I’ve taken all the guesswork out of it for you.

This unique business guide includes:

The Sports Training Business Guide – an explanation of the whole business, the “Who, What, Why, Where, and How”. It shows you everything you need to know…from what to say to parents…to how to structure your lessons.

My Marketing and Advertising Samples – includes everything I’ve used to advertise my lessons and get parents to sign their kids up for lessons. I explain each piece, so you understand my thinking behind it and why I do certain things (because some things work better than others). And you can use these samples as templates for your own marketing. Here’s a sampling of what’s in this section:

    • Flyers (IMPORTANT – Even if you are already running your own lessons business, you need to see one of my flyers that I created especially to get parents coming to you to sign their kids up. It is like clockwork, an “autopilot” system for marketing your business. This single piece of paper, along with my directions for how to use it, will do all of the “selling” for you. Using just this flyer and nothing else, you could build and grow your business to however big you want it. You have to see this one.)
    • My Website (You can see how I explain to parents what’s done in the lessons and see how…and why…to ask for their contact info so you can send them “more info” about lessons)
    • Business Card sample
    • The Free Throw Contest Plan (I’ll show you how you can host annual Free Throw Contests for kids in your area and use it to get more students for your lessons)

My Coaching Resource List – This is my list of the best books, videos, websites, and products that I use for my lessons. (For example, there is a unique basketball that’s perfect for one of the drills that I do. You’ll know where to get it, and why it’s so great to have).

The investment for this sports training business “blueprint” is just $10. You’ll recover all of this amount in your first week of lessons.

And you won’t have to spend time (or waste a lot of money) trying to figure out how to design flyers, or how to come up with ads, or what to say to parents to get them to sign their kids up, or even how to structure your lessons.

I’ve already done all of that expensive, time-consuming work for you.

All you have to do is copy what I’ve done to get started. Then, later as you get money coming in, you can test other ways, or put your own “twist” on this stuff and make it how you want for your situation. 

Printed Book…..$10

PDF file…..$10

NOTE: This book is now part of the Basketball Training Business Package.  To find out more, please go here:

The Basketball Training Business Package