How to start and run your own basketball skills training business

Running a basketball skills training business is a great way to make a part-time (or even full-time) income.

And it feels even better to help players in your area get better…

Clips from actual basketball skills training sessions

Printed Book…..$10

PDF file…..$10

Now Available: The Basketball Training Business Package!

This is information on how to start and run your own basketball skills training business. Includes pdf versions of business manual and drills book.

Basketball Training Business Guide (pdf) – The basics for starting and running your own private and small-group basketball skills training business.

Shooting Fundamentals Book (pdf) – This book has has various individual shooting drills and exercises for you to use in your training sessions.

The Video Analysis Report (pdf) – Shows you how to incorporate using video to help players understand what they are doing wrong (and how to improve) as well as what they are doing correctly (for positive reinforcement).

Free Throw Contest Template (pdf) – This is the plan I have used to host free throw contests in my community.  This is a great way to host a popular event as well as get publicity and potential clients for your business.

Basketball Card Templates (pdf) – You can use this for your clients as a gift for signing up for your training.  The players and parents love it.  You will need to insert a picture of the player into the file and then get them printed on card stock.

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The Basketball Training Business Package